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Temporary Cabinet Pull EZ Pull

The Story

After 20 years in the custom home building industry using blue painters tape as make shift temporary
cabinet handles, Glenn believed there had to be a better solution. Cabinet installers typically use construction tools that potentially damage cabinets, to initially open the cabinets before applying sticky tapes on the cabinet surface. The tape itself leaves residue on the cabinet surface and creates an eye sore to homeowners trying to select final kitchen materials such as counter tops and back splashes. To no avail, Glenn researched both temporary and removable handles coming up empty handed. And so the thought process started. Glenn shared his idea with Dana and together they started discussing the possibility of creating a removable handle.

Validation for the handle concept came when one of Glenn’s homeowners walked onto the job site
with her Designer to review kitchen finishes. Upon seeing the obnoxious colored blue painters tape all
over the cabinets, she was quite disturbed. The color of the tape created such a distraction, it made it
extremely difficult to focus on the material selection and conceptualize the kitchen’s final appearance.
Glenn shared his concept for the temporary handles with his client and her Designer who both praised
the idea.

And so the process started. Dana and Glenn started developing ideas of handle concepts. The handle had to be simple and easy to use, it could not scratch the cabinet surface, it had to be inexpensive, and it had to be sturdy enough to function filled cabinets, even after the home owner moved into the house (in case hardware selection was not complete).

After many months of prototypes were created, field tested, changed and remade, Dana and Glenn felt
they had finally developed a handle that worked on virtually every type of cabinets face detail. From
there, the concept and design were patented and the manufacturing process began.

As always, the future remains to be seen. It is hoped that the market sees the value in the use of the EZ
Pull and the handle is viewed as a helpful tool within the building industry!


The EZ Pull removable handle was a combined effort of Dana and Glenn Kunnath. Both are Michigan
State University Graduates. Glenn has a BA in Building Construction Management and is currently a
licensed General Contractor in Michigan, Colorado and Florida. Dana has a MBA and has held positions
in both Finance and Sales within the Automotive Industry where she gained valuable manufacturing