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Your Temporary Cabinet Pull Solution that Eliminates Make-Shift Painter Tape Handles. No Holes to Drill. No Mess to Clean.


1 Cabinetry will be protected during installation. The use of construction tools will not be used to open cabinet doors/drawers during installation, thus eliminating potential damage to the surface. Ezpull replaces the need to use sticky painters tape commonly used as temporary handles. This eliminates residue from tape on the cabinet surface. Homeowners expect cleanliness on their final finishes; don't get caught with tape on their newly installed cabinets.


2 Both homeowners and designers will be aesthetically pleased with the neutral colored cabinet pull. There will be no unsightly distraction from the commonly used blue painters tape as a make-shift temporary handle. Through the use of the EzPull Handle , decisions regarding final kitchen material selections will no longer be visually impaired from the blue painters tape. The homeowner’s entire project will have a more harmonious visual appearance.


3 Choosing hardware can daunting task; often overlooked and forgotten. The EzPull handle is a snap fit tension binding cabinet pull that can be used while deciding on hardware or waiting for long lead time hardware to arrive. The handle eliminates the mistake of drilling holes in the cabinets until homeowner is 100% sure of their hardware selection. The handle allows filled cabinets to be immediately functional.

Private Label

4 Set yourself above your competition with personalized EzPull handles. You can market your brand, or company, even after installation is complete by simply adding your personal branding to each handle.